Laura De Pedro

Yoga Teacher and Manager 

Nomad. This was Laura’s favorite word until she felt in
Gran Canaria the place that she could call home. For ten years, she worked as a biology researcher and professional photographer, always trying to find the way to connect and be closer to Nature. Following her intuition and shutting down her fears, she allowed her work to change as she also changed.

This constantly moving lifestyle make her need to find a way to connect to her body, release and listen. Dancing was a tool that she learned when she was a child and for years it was her way to explore into the body language. Listening to what the body has to say was her healing medicine. She was initiated in first and second level of reiki usui to start exploring with the movement of energy throughout the body. When she first try yoga in 2006, she finally found the serenity she needed in her everyday life.

Laura decided to be a yoga teacher to start gratefully giving something in return to what yoga gave her. That gentle way to enjoy the present moment, awaken your body, calm your mind and delightfully listen. She joined all sorts of different trainings focused on body awareness, dance, body language and holistic healing to create her own method of teaching yoga. Nowadays, she is being trained in the Afroyin Method, to continue evolving and working from the dance, the body language and its natural movement. In her classes she applies her knowledge of anatomy to lead you through a personal, safe and healing practice. She combines Vinyasa flow, Hatha and Yin yoga, together with pranayama and meditation techniques to take you through a playful practice, where you will only have to breath and enjoy the journey.

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Passionate about the sea, both from the inside and out. Lover of the big smiles in the water, the quiet days, the salt and the sun. Passionate about travel, people, light. Lover of the visual culture. Underwater photographer. Creative and creator. Marine biologist. Dance and yoga have been her tools to find a way to listen to herself and to help you listen to yourself.

Yoga teacher. Has been practicing yoga for the last 10 years.
She loves photography and have been working on it professionally for the last 6 years.
Graduate in Biology and Environmental Sciences.
Because the key for personal growth is to really listen.
Marta Alegre

Yoga Teacher

Yoga has helped Marta to see how beautiful the world is the way it is. After studying and working 12 years in the fashion industry, in January 2014 she quit her job and traveled around Central America. She was tired of the industry and she needed a break to find balance again and go back to her own essence.

She had already practiced yoga many years before from a physical perspective but it was not till she began her travel that she started to connect with the yoga’s philosophy and ended living in an ashram of Sivananda lineage in the Bahamas for a few months. Since she arrived to the ashram she felt like home, everything was making sense on there. The concept that yoga means union was making more sense than ever. She connected her past self with her present self and together with the Universe. It was in the ashram where she decided to deepen into her practice doing the Certified Teacher Training and since then she teaches Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin Yoga combined with sound relaxation techniques and meditation.

Listening to her heart and keeping discipline day to day were two of the most important things that she learnt with her own yoga practice. In her classes she invites you to practice yoga with love from a creative and free perspective, without judging, and without hurting yourself. Reminding that there is no perfect practice and no perfect asana. The perfect asana is where you are today.

retreats for women


Marta loves life in all its possible forms. Her strengths are creativity, empathy with people and good energy. She loves looking at the sky in general and look to the stars in concrete. She lives life enjoying every second as unique. Her personal mantra is “Time doesn’t exist ” as whatever may be happening does not matter at a cosmic scale. Introducing yoga in her daily life as designer has been the best thing that ever happened to her because it has given some depth and balance that she was missing  in the fashion industry.

Yoga teacher. Discovering yoga for her was opening up to a whole bright new sense of life.
After 12 years of experience in the fashion industry, she has created her own brand.
Let art fill up all the aspects of your life.